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Doldrums February 7, 2007

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Man – it was a poor January for me in terms of running. I was pretty darn good in December, but then it all went to nothing in January. February has been a bit better so far and I’m hoping January was just a blip. Despite not doing much in January I went out for a run during a nice freezing rain event and ran a new route. I had no idea how long it was while I was running it, but mapmyrun.com tells me that it was about 5k. So – it looks like I didn’t lose a lot of running ability during Jan because I felt great during the run.


Am I nuts for thinking this? January 3, 2007

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Most of us get up in the morning and go to work (or to school in my case) so that they can earn money. At the back of everyone’s mind is to save a bit for later…maybe even build a nestegg for retirement. A pretty good idea of retirement to me is to be carefree and bob past sandy white beaches somewhere in the Caribbean or South Pacific (I’m looking at you, Rarotonga…) in my very own sailboat.

This idylic scene brings me to the point of this post. The house prices in Edmonton over the last 4 years have gone bonkers. Not as bonkers as other cities, but still bonkers by any definition you care to use. All of this is fueled by the latest oil and gas boom here in Alberta.

Every bit of reading about booms that I have done has led me to the same conclusion: all booms eventually bust. Furthermore, they bust when people least expect it…people are very poor at predicting these things.

So how does this relate to me floating past Muri beach while on my way to another beach? Well it’s this: I could sell my house right now (today!) and have enough to completely pay off my mortgage with enough cash left over to buy an awesome boat and cover our living expenses for several years.

Don’t believe me? check here for house prices, and here for sailboats.

Why should I wait for the bust when I can cash out of the crazy house market right now and be living the life that people see when they close their eyes and go to their “happy place”?

Can anyone tell why I shouldn’t do this?

short run December 14, 2006

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I was home from work this morning playing hooky (not hockey) and got out for a short run. I didn’t run all that far, but I made sure to pick up the pace a bit to burn off some Christmas goodies that I’ve been sampling lately.

I’ve been finding that it takes about 15 minutes before my body kicks itself into the next gear, and I can really feel it when it happens. For the first part of the run I have to think about running or else I’ll slow to a crawl. But then, almost magically, everything clicks into place and I feel much smoother and the tiredness goes away (a big ‘thank you’ here to endorphins). At that point I don’t have to think so much about running – I just run.

let it snow December 5, 2006

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Nice warm evening for a run…I think it was only -3C or something which has been a nice break from our colder weather.

I love running at night, especially when it is snowing. For some reason I find it mentally easier…maybe because I can’t see how much farther I have to run, or maybe its that I can run at my own pace in a relaxed way.

Dunno what the real reason is but it’s a lot better than running during the day.

Almost breathing room December 5, 2006

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The last few months have been pretty hectic for me. It been crunch time for a major project that I’ve been working on and the end is near…very near.

I’ve been working on nothing but this project for the last four years and Friday saw the completion of the main report. Well…almost the main report. It was the ‘preview’ of the final report, but the main one is going out this coming Friday so I’m now madly fine tuning it where possible, fix typos, double check numbers, pretty-up the charts and graphs, etc.

The upshot of all this is that my running as taken a backseat over the last while so that I can get this thing done on time. I am so looking forward to getting some balance back in my life.

Dear City: grab a shovel December 4, 2006

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Most of my run yesterday was along cleared sidewalks but I’m amazed at how many people still have not cleared off their walk. I guess it adds a bit of variety to my run to run through snow and across lumpy packed snow but it must be tough for senior citizens to get around. The biggest culprit was our very own municipality…most of the ‘problem’ areas were city-owned sidewalks. It seems a bit unfair for homeowners to be legally forced to maintain their sidewalks as if it were always a sunny day in July but the city seemingly has no obligation to do the same. I’ll bet they’d make an argument from a financial point of view but that sure doesn’t make their sidewalks any safer.

brrrrrrr November 28, 2006

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That’s all I have to say about today. brrrrrrr

the SS Minnow November 27, 2006

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So I’ve got to thinking lately about our house. It’s market value has swept upward along with all the other houses in the Edmonton area. It’s gained enough that we now have a silly amount of equity built up and its just sitting there. What will happen when (not if) the bust happens? Not much, really…the price of our house will drop but that’s not too big a concern because it will still be our house and we’ll still make payments until that magical day that we’re mortgage free (crosses fingers, knocks on wood, does the anti-evil eye dance). We will still have a place to live…its value is largely irrelevant – all that matters is how much we still owe the bank.

However – it would be nice to trap that built up equity so that it doesn’t disappear when the bust hits.

So I was mulling this over last night and came up with the obvious conclusion…sell the house and buy a kick-butt sailboat and sail around sunny georgeous Carribean and South Pacific islands for the rest of our days.

Silly idea, right? Yup. Gonna happen? Not bloody likely. But its possible…the value of our house would allow us to *completely* pay off our mortage and pay *cash* for quite a nice boat. We would be living mortgage free while living an awesome existence.

But why don’t we do that? Why not live a bold, out-of-the-box sort of life? Isn’t that what I should be teaching my daughters – not to go with the flow but live your own life? Instead I’m sitting trapped at my desk when I could be sailing past sandy beaches with the scent of spiced rum (iced tea for the girls!) floating in the air.

sigh…maybe its the -23C weather outside that’s talking. A spiced rum sure would be nice though…

Mapmyrun.com November 15, 2006

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I found a great new website that was posted on another blog that has really helped me. It’s called mapmyyrun.com and it has helped my running and fed my geekiness at the same time.

Mapmyrun uses Google maps and allows you to trace out your running route, or find the routes of others in your area. It then calculates your distance, calories burned, etc etc. Coming soon (hopefully) is a way to keep track of your runs on the website itself…sort of a training log.

At first I really didn’t like what it told me because I thought I was running a lot further than I was…and it wasn’t a lot of fun to find out that I was mentally adding distance that wasn’t really there. Reality checks are not pleasant but they are extremely useful when they smack you over the head with the lies you’ve been telling yourself.

So – it was back to the drawing board and I’ve traced out a few runs that I do and now have an accurate measure of how far I go. I’ve also been able to add more distance to my run to the point where my typical run is now about 4-5km. I’m going to stick at that for a while and gradually add distance.

an experiment September 5, 2006

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Here’s a little experiment…I want to see how these terms affect my traffic to the blog because they always seem to be in WordPress’ top blog, or fastest growing blogs…not that I really care about who reads this, but I’ve got a bit of Curious George in me…




That’s it – 3 words. Let’s see what happens to my traffic, shall we?